WKCTC Offers Offers Black History Online Class
By West Kentucky Star Staff
PADUCAH - As fall classes at West Kentucky Community and Technical College begin August 17th, several new online courses are being offered, including a history class that will examine the African American experience spanning over the past 150 years.

The class, taught by history instructor Stacey Watson, will focus on the Reconstruction to the present, with an emphasis on the rise of segregation, the Civil Rights Movement, and race relations in the 21st Century.

Watson said the course will engage students by providing a deeper understanding of a group of people and events that have been hidden, forgotten and overlooked. The course will help students to analyze, examine and discuss the truth about the United States while connecting the past to the present.

"It is a recurring theme in the broader context of history that the voices of the African American community have been ignored, their demands have been unheard and their communities have been under represented. It is important to understand the history of these people and why they currently continue to fight for both equality and representation in every aspect of life," Watson said. "Education is the best tool to breakdown stereotypes, combat racism and understand the triumphant steps taken on the behalf of the African American community to fight against systemic racism."

The 12-week online class begins September 14th, and requires no textbook.

Two other new online courses offered this fall are "Terrorism and Political Violence," which begins also begin September 14th, and "Introduction to LGBTQ Literature," which begins August 17th.

"Through education, we teach critical thinking, persuasive and argumentative writing, to debate modern social problems, the evaluation of history, and interpersonal and public speaking skills, to name a few," said WKCTC President Anton Reece. "We can encourage individuals to become educated, skilled, and trained for meaningful employment, the more giving back will be fostered, and the more our community relations are improved."

Fully online classes are part of WKCTC's three-pronged approach to fall semester that also include face-to-face and hybrid classes to promote a healthy teaching and learning environment. Online classes are available for in-state tuition.

For more information about hybrid/online classes this fall, visit

Published 07:51 AM, Sunday Aug. 02, 2020
Updated 08:00 AM, Tuesday Aug. 04, 2020



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