'March For Our Lives' Today at Calvert Park
By West Kentucky Star Staff
CALVERT CITY, KY - Marshall County and western Kentucky students will take part in the "March for Our Lives" at 1pm Saturday at Memorial Park in Calvert City.

Marchers will hear speeches from student and adult leaders in reference to the shooting at Marshall County High School, and the national discussion of gun violence at schools. 


Princeton musician and hunting guide Alonzo Pennington will speak and perform a few songs.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center's Dr. Sterling Haring, a scholar in injury prevention, will address fears students face in their daily lives. Haring treated students wounded in the January 23 shooting at Marshall County High School.

Loyd Ford, editor and publisher of The Lake News in Calvert City, will speak, as will state Rep. Will Coursey. Ford, a veteran journalist, and past president of the Kentucky Press Association, was one of the reporters on the scene during the fatal shooting at Marshall County. Coursey sponsored a bill in the Kentucky House to ensure mental health professionals are hired in the state's high schools.

Judge-Executive Kevin Neal, who has proposed a plan to secure Marshall County High School, was invited to speak but had a schedule conflict.

Scheduled student speakers are: Seth Adams, Korbin Brandon, Lily Dunn and Mary Cox of Marshall County, Lexi Fortner and Sarah Jacobs of Murray High, and Jack Daughaday and Makayla Wadkins of Calloway County. Topics they plan to address include: Student safety and security; life versus money; mental health and home lives; gun policies; compassion and unity; we are family; the National Rifle Association's influence on people; past versus present; and anyone can be a terrorist. 

Published 01:18 AM, Saturday Mar. 24, 2018
Updated 10:30 AM, Saturday Mar. 24, 2018

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