E-Sports Club: Shawnee College Summer Camps Begin
By WestKyStar & Shawnee College Staff
ULLIN, IL - This week kicked off the 2019 Shawnee Community College Summer Camps. The first camp of the season was gaming camp led by the college’s newly named E-Sports club sponsor Mr. Jonathan Van Meter. Van Meter will begin meeting regularly with members of the inaugural Esports club starting the fall semester at Shawnee.  

Esports has been popular for some time, but the clubs have recently seen extensive growth on college campuses across the nation. As with other sports, Esports requires many of the same skills necessary in traditional athletics: club members must be able to work as a team, think on their feet and must exercise endurance during gameplay. 

The program announcement means that Shawnee College will now offer a club that allows local high schools students who currently compete in Esports clubs to continue competitive gaming programs in college with additional opportunities for advancing their competitive play. Van Meter commented, “Interest from prospective students has been significant, and we are excited about this new club being offered on campus.” 
Competition for club members will be held in an “arena” on campus, with all the players in a shared room. This will help to create a strong support network among the players and hopefully increase social interaction with their peers. 

For more information regarding the new Esports Club, contact sponsor Jonathan Van Meter at 618-634-3283 or       

Published 07:15 AM, Thursday Jun. 06, 2019
Updated 07:28 AM, Thursday Jun. 06, 2019

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