January Teacher of the Month

January Teacher of the Month
By Kristen Amaya
Feb. 14, 2024 | PADUCAH
By Kristen Amaya Feb. 14, 2024 | 02:16 PM | PADUCAH
Yesterday we presented the January Teacher of the Month to Ben Moss, Sixth Grade Social Studies Teacher at Lone Oak Middle School. Once again, we were honored to present a certificate and monetary prize courtesy of Scott Walker Construction. By far, the most fun is learning more about our teachers through our questions. Mr. Moss was no exception!
  1. What was your first memory from school?
My mom taking me to kindergarten. She was a kindergarten teacher so I got the kindergarten experience way before I got to kindergarten.
  1. How do you show your school spirit?
Making class enjoyable for the kids so they have something to remember and something that they’re going to take with them.
  1. What is one of your hidden talents?
I consider myself a baseball historian. I know a lot about old baseball stuff. (His favorite team is the St. Louis Cardinals!)
  1. What makes a great day at school?
When a kid feels good about themselves from something I say – when a memory is being made.
  1. How does technology make your job simpler or more difficult?
It makes it easier. There are so many tools.
  1. How do you remember all of your students’ names?
Prayer. (This is my favorite answer.) Repetition!
  1. What is a school sport or activity that you enjoy watching?
Baseball or any sport. I like to watch Seinfeld a lot and King of the Hill.
  1. If you could take your students on a field trip anywhere in the world, where would you take them and why?
I would take them to Rome so I can show them what we’ve learned. I would take them to anywhere that I’ve taught them about in class. Athens too!
  1. How do you think your students will remember you and your class?
Silly, trying to make it fun and interesting. It will be different for different students.
  1. Is there a quote or saying you live your life by?
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
West Kentucky Star Teacher of the Month, sponsored by Scott Walker Construction, is awarded each month of the school year. As the January winner, Mr. Moss will join the other Teachers of the Month next summer for West Kentucky Star Teacher of the Year 2023-2024.

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In the group pictured above from Left to Right: Coyle Elliott, Principal LOMS, Teacher of the Month Ben Moss and Chris Morgan from Scott Walker Construction.

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