Phone Scams Reported in Graves, Weakley Counties
By West Kentucky Star Staff
GRAVES COUNTY / WEAKLEY COUNTY - Two different telephone scams were reported over the past week in Graves County and Weakley County.

In Graves County, reports have been received of calls that claim to be from Sheriff Jon Hayden or a specific deputy with the Sheriff's Office.

The scammer will tell the person they called that they have committed a crime or failed to appear in court. They will then ask for money to be sent, or else a warrant for their arrest will be issued.

While the caller ID may indicate that the call is coming from a phone number that belongs to the Sheriff's Office, it's actually a scammer in another location "spoofing" the number to entice one to answer the call. 

The Sheriff's Office reminds everyone that they will never ask for money in lieu of being arrested, or a warrant or summons being issued for someone.

They suggest that if such a call is received, to hang up immediately.

According to KYTN, a telephone scam in Weakley County dealing with COVID-19 has been reported.

One elderly resident said a caller asked for their bank account information in order to obtain a prescription for a COVID-19 shot.

The Weakley County Sheriff's Office says this is an obvious scam, and to hang up if such a call is received.

They also encourage everyone to advise their elderly relatives of this scam so they are not exploited.

Published 11:30 AM, Saturday Jan. 16, 2021
Updated 10:32 PM, Sunday Jan. 17, 2021



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