17% Of Kentuckians Have Gotten a COVID Shot
By West Kentucky Star Staff
WASHINGTON DC - The CDC estimates that 54 million Americans have received at least their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, including 17 per cent of Kentuckians.

Among states, Kentucky is 24th with 17.1 percent vaccinated, tied with Illinois. Tennessee lags at 47th with 14.1 percent.

As of Thursday, Alaska is the top-ranked state for vaccinations with nearly 24 percent, followed by New Mexico, South Dakota and Connecticut. The U.S. average is 16 percent.

The CDC estimates that about 27 million Americans are completely vaccinated. The daily average of doses administered nationwide is now over 2 million.

The agency calculates that the nation could reach 50 percent vaccinated by June 11, 70 percent by August 8, and 90 percent by October 6. That's a faster pace than two weeks ago, when the 90 percent estimate was early December.

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Published 07:15 PM, Thursday Mar. 04, 2021
Updated 01:59 PM, Saturday Mar. 13, 2021



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