Wickliffe Stays Dry, Bardwell to Go Wet
By West Kentucky Star Staff
BARDWELL, KY; WICKLIFFE, KY - Voters in two local towns have spoken, and their ballots returned opposite results on the issue of alcohol sales.

In a special wet-dry referendum vote on Tuesday, residents in Bardwell voted 146 to 95 in favor of allowing alcohol sales. Voters in Wickliffe also went to the polls Tuesday to cast their votes on the same issue, but voted 70 to 47 against alcohol sales. 

Both Bardwell and Wickliffe had two precincts voting in Tuesday's election. 

The Bardwell city government will have to work with the Kentucky Department of Alcohol Beverage Control to implement new policies before alcohol can legally be sold there.

Published 06:25 PM, Tuesday Jan. 10, 2017
Updated 11:22 AM, Thursday Jan. 12, 2017

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