Gilbertsville Man Dies in Accident
By WestKYStar Staff

A Gilbertsville man has died after a two vehicle crash in Marshall County.

Shortly after 1 pm on Saturday,  the Marshall County Sheriff's Office was called to the scene of a two-car accident on U.S. Highway 68 near Big Bear Highway, around 4 1/2 miles from Draffenville. A pickup driven by 69-year-old Walter L. Smith of Benton was eastbound on U.S. 68 between Big Bear Highway and Dunn Cemetery Road when he lost consciousness behind the wheel.

Smith's vehicle then went off the right side of the road and hit a driveway forcing the vehicle back on the road. His vehicle then crossed the center line and hit a pickup driven by 37-year-old Andrew D. Beard of Gilbertsville. Beard's truck went off the right side of the road and overturned.

Beard was pronounced dead at the scene. Smith was taken to the Marshall County hospital for treatment. Both drivers were wearing seat belts.

The crash is being investigated by the Marshall County Sheriff's office.

Published 05:05 AM, Sunday Jun. 10, 2012
Updated 09:57 AM, Monday Jun. 11, 2012