Coolster Jeep Reported Stolen, Juvenile Charged
By West Kentucky Star Staff
MAYFIELD - A juvenile was arrested after an investigation into a missing mini-Jeep in Graves County.

The Graves County Sheriff's Department said that a resident on State Route 121 North reported that their unattached garage had been burglarized, and a Coolster gas-powered children's Jeep was stolen. 

Deputies found tire impressions leading away from the garage. They were tracked across the property of Central Elementary School and Graves County High School, where they stopped at Oak Hills Swim Club. 

Another deputy later learned that the stolen Jeep was at a home on Park Terrace. It had been spotted by a Kentucky State Trooper while investigating a separate burglary complaint. A juvenile was also reportedly seen driving the Jeep and throwing its key into shrubs near the home.

The 15-year-old male was arrested and charged with burglary 3rd degree and taken to the McCracken County Juvenile Detention Center.

Published 08:43 PM, Saturday Nov. 30, 2019
Updated 06:17 AM, Monday Dec. 02, 2019

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