Suit Claims Uranium Contamination from Honeywell
By West Kentucky Star Staff
METROPOLIS, IL - A class action lawsuit has been filed against Honeywell International Inc., claiming the company's Metropolis plant has contaminated the area with high levels of radioactivity for decades.

A large crowd of concerned residents assembled Wednesday evening at the Metropolis Community Center to hear attorney Kevin Thompson talk about the suit, which alleges up to 7,000 residents could be affected by uranium hexaflouride contamination. Thompson said attorneys in the case plan to file a formal notice with Honeywell and the federal government. After 60 days, they will request additional medical monitoring and steps be taken to limit further harmful emissions from the plant.

There are currently six people named in the suit, all who live within a one mile radius of the plant site. The suit is calling for contaminated property to be remediated and for residents to be financially compensated. If the plaintiffs win, other residents in the area could also be entitled to compensation.

Although the plant site is currently idled, Thompson said officials are planning to restart operations in two years.

Published 09:39 AM, Thursday May. 24, 2018
Updated 05:51 PM, Friday May. 25, 2018

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