Interstate 24 Closed Between Exit 3 and Illinois
By WestKentuckyStar Staff
PADUCAH, KY - TRAFFIC ALERT: There have been multiple accidents involving vehicles, semi-tractor trailers and motorcycles near Exit 3 (Old Cairo Road) on Interstate 24, causing traffic to back up on Interstate between Kentucky and Illinois. Law enforcement is estimating up to several hours of blocked or restricted traffic. Multiple fatalities have been reported, and appear to have occurred on the overpass between the two ramps on the westbound lanes. 

Traffic now moving on the eastbound lanes, but westbound lanes of the Interstate are apparently being diverted off the Interstate using the exit ramp, and then back onto the Interstate using the onramp. 

A detour is available for those wishing to avoid the area, using the Brookport Bridge from downtown Paducah, and then re-entering I-24 at Metropolis. However, this route is not available for large trucks or commercial vehicles, due to the width of the bridge. Truckers may wait out the delay, or take an alternate route, which is the Wickliffe-Cairo Bridge.

We will update progress as the situation changes.

Published 03:58 PM, Tuesday May. 22, 2012
Updated 07:24 PM, Tuesday May. 22, 2012

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