Kentucky State Parks Back Open to Visitors
By West Kentucky Star Staff
PADUCAH - With summer in full swing, Kentucky State Parks have reopened for business.

Kentucky State Parks Commissioner Robert Conway told the Greg Dunker Show Wednesday that parks across the commonwealth are back open and ready to receive visitors. He said following an extended shutdown due to the coronavirus, pretty much all of the parks' amenities are back to where they were before the shutdown.

"All the parks are open, and we're pretty much getting close to being back to where we were prior to the onset of the coronavirus. To be very honest about it, right now just in the past week or so we've opened up the pools at our resort lodges, we've opened up the beaches at our state parks. Putt-putt is open at the campgrounds as well as our state parks." Conway said.

Conway said many Kentuckians are choosing to stay closer to home this year due to the ongoing pandemic. In his opinion this presents a perfect opportunity for folks to get reacquainted with their local state parks. 

"We're fully  expecting people this year to do a 'staycation'. Instead of visiting Pigeon Forge or Myrtle Beach, this is a time to visit your state parks. What I've learned from talking to many many people, is everyone loves Kentucky State Parks. What they can't tell you is the last time they visited one."

Conway said many parks are offering reduced rates as an incentive to bring in visitors. He said all you need to do is call the park you're interested in visiting to find out the special rate.

Kentucky Dam Village Park Manager Scott Ratzlaff said the park's restaurant is also open again. "We opened up our restaurant yesterday. We're excited about that. Now you can come in and sit in the restaurant or on the patio and have all you can eat catfish for 11 bucks," Ratzlaff said.

"Everything else is open. The golf course is running like all get out. We've got people staying in cottages, people staying in lodges. The marina is open an operational. We're excited about the fact that we're back and doing what we need to be doing."

"The parks belong to you. Four million people call Kentucky home. They own the state parks. So, why not visit what you own?" Conway said.

Published 03:08 PM, Thursday Jul. 09, 2020
Updated 09:43 PM, Thursday Jul. 09, 2020



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