The Essential Component for Total Wellness
By traci lawrence
Total wellness encompasses the total person. It includes a healthy state of being in regards to physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual and financial health. There are no quick fixes or magic pills to help achieve total wellness. To reach and maintain a high quality of life.  It boils down to the simple fact of personal accountability, or personal choices.

As adults,our choices are ours to make.  When we are forced to take responsibility for those choices we see that our actions have power.  Sometimes the results of our actions are positive, sometimes they are negative. When individuals are allowed to continually make bad choices and are never held accountable or allowed to suffer from their bad choices, those individuals are robbed of the opportunity to struggle, which means they are robbed of the opportunity to learn and to grow .

Look at our society. Consider for a moment some of the social and physical problems many are dealing with. Rapidly rising rates of obesity, home foreclosures, bankruptcy cases,high school drop outs, divorces, addictions, the national debt, or children being born out of wed-lock. The list can go on. It all boils down to the choices we make.

Making the right choice all the time, in all situations, is an impossibility. Everyone has made a bad choice or two...or three. However at some point we must all start learning from our bad choices by reaping the consequences and then making the necessary adjustments. In regards to financial wellness,stop for a moment and think about a few things. Why do you work? Why do you pay your house payment? Why do you obey the speed limit (or at least slow down when you think you see a police officer) Most independent and productive members of our society work because they need to support themselves and their families.  People who own their own home like having a place to call home and make their house payments so they can take comfort in the fact that they have a place to call home. Many people today are in a hurry, but they don't want to pay for their speeding ticket so they slow down.  Now, if the speeder could get someone else to pay for their ticket do you think the number of fast drivers would change? If you could stay home, sleep in and play all day and still have someone else buy your food, pay for your child care, housing and medical care, would you still go to work?  If you could buy expensive cell phones, big screen television sets, tattoos, liquor,cigarettes, eat out and go to the movies on a regular basis and still have a home to live in, would you give all those indulgences up?

Now consider physical wellness.  A simple truth exist that doctors, pharmaceutical and weight loss companies want to ignore.  If a person takes in more calories than they burn, they WILL become overweight.  It is that simple.  There is no such thing as a pill that is called a "natural fat burner" the only natural fat burner is physical movement.  A diet promising you "eat all you want and loose 10 pounds in a week" is a diet to run! Being at a healthy weight requires healthy choices.  Sometimes that means saying no to that extra piece of cake, sometimes that means getting up a bit early or turning off the television set to go for a walk, or drinking water instead of soda or fruit juices with added sugar. It might even mean being hungry for a while and saying no to the vending machine or the box of donuts in the conference room. But the choice is yours.  Remember every time you say yes to one thing, you are saying no to something else. I am not saying these choices are easy, in fact now days it is a difficult struggle to make healthy food choices. Delicious food choices that are high in fat and sugar are everywhere. Portion sizes in most restaurants have gone up almost 25% in the last 10 years. Exercise? Who has time to exercise. It is a daily juggling act to find time to workout when you work a full time job, have kids and a home to take care of....but still the fact remains that the choice is ours. Good choices are difficult to make and often require sacrifices. Who really enjoys making sacrifices? No one, but we all want the results of eating a healthy diet and engaging in regular physical activity, or saving money on a regular basis.

A healthy life is possible for all of us, regardless of our past.  Remember " Your past is only part of you". All each of us have is the now.  The past can only control us if we allow it to. So start today by determining to have a full life that demonstrates strength and wellness in your mind, finances, body, spirit and family.  You can have a good life, but YOU must build it, and you CAN build it.

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Published 09:00 AM, Wednesday Apr. 20, 2016
Updated 08:23 PM, Monday Apr. 25, 2016

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