Road Resurfacing Work Starts Today in Ledbetter
By West Kentucky Star Staff
LEDBETTER, KY - Resurfacing work on portions of U.S. Highway 60 and Kentucky Highway 6074 in Livingston County starts Saturday.

A contractor will be working along Highway 60 and on KY 6074 in the Ledbetter community for about ten days.

The work will be on KY 6074 from Delta Drive to the intersection with Highway 60, and on Highway 60 from that point to the intersection with Ferren Road/Gillihan Road (about 3.3 miles). 

The contractor will be using three resurfacing processes that are coming into wide use to extend the life of asphalt pavement across the nation. The 3.8 mile project will include a secton of Scrub Seal, a section of Ultra-Micro Surfacing that includes Kevlar fiber reinforcement, and a section of 1 and ½ inch maintenance asphalt to allow a performance comparason of the 3 processes under similar traffic volume. 

The asphalt along this section of US 60 and KY 6074 has been subject to cracking in recent years. The resurfacing is designed to seal the cracked areas and prolong pavement life.  

Preliminary work is expected to start on Saturday with removal of center line reflectors and grading back of shoulders to prepare for resurfacing work, starting on Monday. There may be some breaks in the work flow for a day or two at times to allow retooling for the various processes.

Drivers should be alert for one-lane traffic with alternating flow controlled by flaggers. Appropriate caution is required where equipment, flaggers, and maintenance personnel are along the roadway in close proximity to traffic flow.

Published 12:15 AM, Saturday Sep. 09, 2017
Updated 12:57 AM, Saturday Sep. 09, 2017