Harmon's Dad Files Complaint, Seeks Eligibility
By West Kentucky Star Staff
MARSHALL COUNTY - The court battle to decide the eligibility of Marshall County's Zion Harmon could begin as early as next week.

Harmon's father Mike, filed a complaint in Marshall Circuit Court on Wednesday, asking for a stay on his son Zion's ineligibility, and that he be allowed to play basketball immediately at Marshall County.

Harmon has been ruled ineligible for the 2018-19 season by the Kentucky High School Athletic Association, based on Bylaw 6, which states all varsity athletes must sit out one year after transferring. The bylaw provides exceptions, the most common being “a bona fide change of residence” in which the athlete moves or a divorce by the athlete's parents that leads to a change of residence. Bylaw 6 also states that the KHSAA may still require an athlete to sit out a year if “the change in schools is motivated in whole or part by a desire to participate in athletics at the new school.”

In Wednesday's court filing, the Harmons argue that Bylaw 6 is unconstitutional, lends itself to erroneous arbitrary and capricious interpretation by the KHSAA and infringes on the constitutional right of Mike Harmon to parent his child.

The complaint also states that while Mike Harmon was provided with an opportunity to be heard, he was not provided with a Notice of Evidence to be utilized by the KHSAA against him, thus violating Due Process Rules.

The case will be heard by Marshall Circuit Court Judge Jamie Jameson, as early as Friday. Dec. 14. Whatever Jameson's decision, both parties have the option of appealing to a higher court.

Marshall County is the fourth stop in four years for Harmon. He played at Antioch (TN) Lighthouse Christian as a seventh-grader, Bowling Green as an eighth-grader, where he won a state title, and Adair County as a freshman. He enrolled at MCHS earlier this summer.

Harmon, a 5'10" sophomore guard and five-star recruit, currently has offers to play college basketball at several big-time schools including Alabama, Auburn, Creighton, Jacksonville State, Missouri, New Mexico State, Saint Louis, SMU, Stephen F. Austin, Tennessee, Vanderbilt and Western Kentucky.


Published 11:56 AM, Thursday Dec. 06, 2018
Updated 04:42 PM, Friday Dec. 07, 2018

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