Friday Night Football Region 1 Recap
By Chelsea Ladd

Owensboro 42, Graves County 21

Despite Clint McKee’s efforts, the Eagles fell against Owensboro. Early on into the first quarter, the two schools were tied until Owensboro struck again before halftime. The Red Devils were in complete control over the Eagles by the third quarter. Graves County would score one last time when John Ben Brown found Kendall Lawrence for a 7-yard touchdown with less than five minutes left in the game. Owensboro continued their reign over Graves until the final second of the game. The Red Devils are now 6-0 after taking the 42-21 win over Graves.


Union County 49, Paducah Tilghman 7

It was a rough night for the Blue Tornado on the road. A lackluster appearance from a team that has shown they can pull it together and become victorious. Paducah Tilghman avoided being shut out but will need to regain composure before their next game. The Blue Tornado remained scoreless until the fourth quarter and ended up with a mess of turnovers throughout the night. While Tilghman has what it takes to win, they failed to prove this against Union County. Paducah Tilghman fell 49-7 against their opponent.

Calloway County 20, Madisonville-North Hopkinsville 10


If the 2020 Region 1 football season were portrayed as a movie, all eyes would be focused on Calloway County High School. After two weeks of waiting, the Lakers returned under the Friday Night Lights against Madisonville-North Hopkinsville and found themselves with a 20-10 win on the road. Coach Champion’s men have proven themselves time and time again that Calloway should not be slept on. While Madisonville-North Hopkinsville led 3-0, the Lakers found the end zone in the second quarter and took the lead 7-3. By halftime, the Lakers were up 13-3. The Maroons cut the lead in the third quarter but failed to score afterward. Before the two headed into the fourth, the Lakers scored from 43 yards out. The final score of 20-10 would stick until the end of the night.


Apollo 34, Marshall County 10

On the road, the Marshals were defeated 34-10 against their opponent Apollo. Despite rough beginnings, Marshall County has started to wake up under the coaching of Steve Etheridge. The Marshals struck on the opening drive, leading 7-0. Apollo returned the favor on their first drive to tie the game. By halftime, Apollo led Marshall 14-10. Apollo opened up the fourth with a touchdown and would later score again to make the final score of the night 34-10. Marshall might have fell against Apollo but each week, they are proving to the region that they can become a force to be reckoned with down the road.


Mayfield 68, Ballard Memorial 8

Mayfield has returned and looks an awful lot like the Mayfield we have all grown up listening, watching, and hearing about throughout our lives. A staple of Region 1 football, an instant classic. Despite valiant effort, the Bombers were up against a wall while playing the Cardinals. The Bombers did find themselves on the board, even if they fell by 60 points. 

Murray 41, Caldwell County 34

Murray earned the district win in overtime against Caldwell County. Caldwell struck first on a 65-yard touchdown pass on the first play. Murray countered with two minutes left in the first quarter. Caldwell would once again take the lead with six minutes to go, giving them the lead of 31-28. Murray didn’t give up without a fight, scoring with a minute left in the game. The battle continued with a 52-yard field goal attempt from Caldwell for the tie. After a little bit of controversy, the two headed into overtime. Murray took the lead 41-34 and held it together for the final score on the night.



Published 11:25 PM, Friday Oct. 16, 2020
Updated 06:50 AM, Sunday Oct. 18, 2020



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