Kentucky Leader Hints at New Budget Bill
By The Associated Press
FRANKFORT, KY - Kentucky's budget director says lawmakers could introduce new revenue and spending bills after the governor rejected previous bills and angered teachers, many of whom have gathered at the Capitol to call for more education spending.

But acting House Speaker David Osborne said there are no new bills. He says lawmakers could pass amendments to the bills that have already passed.

Republican lawmakers approved a two-year budget earlier this month that included record increases in public education spending that were to be paid for with an accompanying $480 million tax increase.

Republican Gov. Matt Bevin vetoed both bills, arguing the tax increase was not enough to cover the new spending. The teachers are urging lawmakers to override the governor's vetoes. Osborne said he did not know if the House would vote to override.

Published 10:54 AM, Friday Apr. 13, 2018
Updated 10:58 AM, Friday Apr. 13, 2018

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