Kentucky House Overrides Budget, Spending Vetoes
By The Associated Press
FRANKFORT, KY - Kentucky's House of Representatives has overridden Gov. Matt Bevin's vetoes of a two-year state spending plan that increases education funding, and a $480 million tax increase that will fund the spending plan.
The Republican-controlled House voted 66-28 to override Bevin's veto of House Bill 200. The bill authorizes the state to spend $4,000 for every public school student, the highest level in state history.
They also voted 57-40 to override the veto of House Bill 366, which raises revenue for the state over the next two years. It includes a 6 percent sales tax on a variety of services, including auto and home repairs, to pay for higher classroom spending.

Bevin had vetoed both bills, warning the new taxes would not generate enough money to cover the new spending.  Republican legislative leaders disagreed.
Thousands of teachers rallied at the Kentucky Capitol on Friday, urging lawmakers to override Bevin's vetoes.
The Republican-controlled state Senate will take up the vetoes next.

Published 03:42 PM, Friday Apr. 13, 2018
Updated 09:42 PM, Wednesday Apr. 18, 2018

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