Kentuckians Urged to Check 'Inactive Voter' List
By West Kentucky Star Staff/The Associated Press
FRANKFORT - Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes is encouraging all Kentucky voters to view the State Board of Elections' Inactive Voter List before the registration deadline of Monday, October 7.

In a press release, Grimes, the chief election official for the state, said over 175,000 voters were placed on an inactive list in September by the Kentucky Board of Elections. She objected to the action, but a new state law enacted by the Republican-led legislature removed the secretary of state as chairman and a voting member of the board. 

The new law came after two employees at the elections board accused Grimes of wielding excessive power over the board and using her access to the voter database for political purposes. Grimes denies the allegations, saying her office followed the law "at all times," but an investigation in the allegations led to the seizure of an employee's computer as evidence last month.  

Grimes says those on the inactive list could lose the ability to vote in November, but Jared Dearing, executive director of the elections board, said no voters on the inactive list have been removed from the voter registration database. 

The elections board is under a federal consent decree requiring the board to implement a mailing process to reach out to voters who have not participated in the two previous federal election cycles or have not updated their voter information in the same period, Dearing said.

Nevertheless, Grimes urged Kentucky voters review the "inactive list," contact her office if they see their name, and update their registration at 

Monday is the last day to register to vote in November's election. County clerks' offices will accept online and paper voter registration applications until 4 pm. Mail-in voter registration applications must be postmarked by October 7.

To be eligible to vote, Kentuckians must:

Be a U.S. citizen.
Be a Kentucky resident for at least 28 days before Election Day.
Be at least 18-years-old on or before the General Election.
Not be a convicted felon, or if convicted of a felony offense, must have obtained a restoration of civil rights.
Not have been adjudged "mentally incompetent."
Not claim the right to vote anywhere outside Kentucky.
Kentuckians who are 17-years-old but will be 18-years-old on or before November 5, 2019 are eligible to register and vote in the upcoming General Election. 

Voters who have recently moved need to update their voter registration information by no later than October 7, 2019. 

Click the link below to see the list.

On the Net:

KY Secretary of State website with BOE list

Published 01:23 PM, Saturday Oct. 05, 2019
Updated 06:01 PM, Sunday Oct. 06, 2019

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