KY Judge Under Pressure; Won't Hear Gay Adoptions
By The Associated Press
LOUISVILLE, KY - Civil rights groups are seeking the removal of a Kentucky judge who won't hear adoption cases involving gay adults.

The American Civil Liberties Union and other groups complained to Kentucky's judicial disciplinary commission about W. Mitchell Nance, a family court judge in Barren and Metcalfe counties.

Nance announced he would recuse himself from adoption cases involving homosexuals because he believes it's never in a child's best interest to be adopted by a gay person.

Gay rights advocate Chris Hartman says Nance's "inability to be impartial is a blight on his office."

Nance declined comment through a court official.

Martin Cothran, with the Family Foundation of Kentucky, said Nance is following the law by recusing himself if he believes his views might bias a case.

Published 11:54 AM, Tuesday May. 16, 2017
Updated 09:57 PM, Sunday May. 21, 2017

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