Harper's Brings Champion Ham Title to Clinton
By WestKyStar Staff
LOUISVILLE, KY - Harper's Country Hams of Clinton was awarded the title of grand champion ham Thursday at the Kentucky State Fair in Louisville.

Harper's general manager Martie Templeton said the company's most recent grand champion occurred in 1995. 

According to owner Brian Harper, judges look for several qualities when judging a prize ham.

"The shape, the color, the aroma," Harper said. "Sort of what a person buying a ham would look for."

The 13.3-pound ham will be auctioned for charity at the annual Kentucky Farm Bureau Country Ham Breakfast on August 22 in Freedom Hall.

Harper said he has high hopes about the auction, noting that historically the prize hams have raised huge amounts of money.

"The charity auctions have raised several million dollars," Harper said. "The highest ever in a single year it actually did hit over a million dollars."

Published 09:21 AM, Friday Aug. 16, 2013
Updated 09:08 PM, Monday Aug. 19, 2013