Finance, Energy Industry Helped GOP Takeover
By The Associated Press
FRANKFORT, KY - Republicans will take over the Kentucky legislature next week with the help of millions of dollars in contributions from the finance and 
energy industries.

Republican House candidates and committees received more than $8 million in contributions for the 2016 election cycle, according to an analysis of 
disclosure reports by The Associated Press. Their largest donations come from bankers, coal company CEOs and a bundle of checks wrangled by Nashville-based economist Arthur Laffer, the famous supply-side economist who once advised 
President Ronald Reagan.

Overall, House candidates and political parties on both sides raised nearly $19 million in 2016 for the pivotal elections that saw Republicans win a 
majority for the first time since 1921. About $4.5 million came from political action committees, while $4.3 million came from individual donations.

Published 05:14 AM, Monday Jan. 02, 2017
Updated 05:25 AM, Monday Jan. 02, 2017