Bevin Urges Beshear to Confront the Tough Tasks
By The Associated Press
FRANKFORT - Kentucky Republican Gov. Matt Bevin has urged his successor to confront the toughest tasks facing the state.

In a Tuesday interview with The Associated Press, Bevin said that includes continuing to shore up the state's underfunded public pension systems.

Democrat Andy Beshear defeated Bevin in last month's election and takes office next Tuesday. Bevin predicted that state lawmakers and Beshear are in for a difficult legislative session in 2020, when passing a new budget will be the top priority.

Bevin said there's no chance most of Beshear's campaign promises will become reality because there's not enough state money to do them.

Published 04:30 PM, Wednesday Dec. 04, 2019
Updated 07:10 PM, Friday Dec. 06, 2019

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