Beshear, USPIS Work to 'Stamp Out' Mail Scams
By West Kentucky Star Staff
LEXINGTON - Attorney General Andy Beshear and the United States Postal Inspection Service are working to help Kentuckians avoid mail scams that could be hiding in their mailboxes.

The Stamp Out Mail Scams awareness campaign, which was unveiled Thursday in Lexington, provides posters on how to identify, avoid and report common mail scams in 700 post offices across the state.

Beshear said the awareness campaign will help Kentuckians combat the Federal Trade Commission’s findings that fraud losses in 2017 reached nearly $905 million across the nation.

In fiscal year 2017, U.S. postal inspectors removed more than a million illegal lottery solicitation letters. Inspection service screeners also discovered and barred solicitations containing counterfeit checks with a face value of approximately $62 billion.


Published 03:39 AM, Friday Nov. 09, 2018
Updated 05:59 AM, Friday Nov. 09, 2018

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