Beshear Asks Kentuckians to Avoid Travel to TN
By West Kentucky Star Staff
FRANKFORT - During his Friday COVID-19 press conference, Governor Andy Beshear asked individuals who live on border between Kentucky and Tennessee to avoid traveling to Tennessee if at all possible.

He said Tennessee isn't doing its part to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and wants to avoid bringing the virus from Tennessee into Kentucky. 

“I cannot control that Tennessee has not taken the steps that we have,” Beshear said. “...I need you to be strong in your pride in this state, and I need you to make sure that you don’t take someone else’s lack of action and ultimately bring it back to Kentucky to harm us.”

Several middle Tennessee counties in the metro Nashville area are reporting higher numbers of coronavirus cases.

Beshear reported 54 new COVID-19 cases in Kentucky, for a total of 302.

He said that's a slightly higher number than Thursday, but "everyone knows that the numbers will climb." Beshear added that a slow climb is better than what is happening in other states. 

Beshear announced two additional deaths related to the virus, a 77-year-old man in Hopkins County and a 75-year-old woman in Fayette.

In honor of those that have died because of the virus, Beshear says the Governor's Mansion and the dome at the state capitol will be lit up green. He then asked everyone that could to light their homes up green as well.

Beshear reiterated that he has asked county judges and mayors to shut down any public parks where people have shown they aren't practicing social distancing, or anywhere they refuse to spread out.

During the Q&A portion of the press conference, Beshear was asked if he has considered additional measures to combat the spread from Tennessee, like closing the border. Beshear says that although he is considering different options every day, he isn't to that point yet.

Published 04:49 PM, Friday Mar. 27, 2020
Updated 08:13 PM, Saturday Mar. 28, 2020



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