Abortion Bill Clears KY House of Representatives
By The Associated Press
FRANKFORT, KY - Pregnant women seeking an abortion would first have to undergo an ultrasound and listen to the fetal heartbeat under a bill that has cleared the Kentucky House of Representatives.

The proposal is one of several anti-abortion bills that have previously passed the Republican-controlled Senate only to be blocked by the Democratic majority in the House. But this year, Republicans have super majorities in both chambers, plus a Republican governor.

The bill does not include exceptions for rape or incest. The proposal would not require the woman to watch the ultrasound, and says she can request to lower the volume of the heartbeat.

The bill now goes to the Republican-controlled state Senate, where it could pass as early as Saturday.

Published 05:05 AM, Friday Jan. 06, 2017
Updated 05:07 AM, Friday Jan. 06, 2017

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