KY, TN Trail Much of US in Vaccine Distribution
By West Kentucky Star Staff
WASHINGTON DC - Kentucky and Tennessee are in the bottom half of state rankings concerning the distribution of their available COVID vaccines.

As of Saturday, Kentucky ranks 32nd and Tennessee 49th in the percentage of their state's residents who have received a COVID vaccine.

In data compiled from the CDC, Kentucky had vaccinated 12.5% of its eligible residents with at least one dose, and Tennessee had reached 11%.

Illinois ranked 23rd with 13.4% and Missouri was 43rd at 11.8%.

Alaska has vaccinated 20.3% of its population to lead all states, followed by New Mexico, South Dakota, North Dakota, Connecticut and West Virginia. A total of 11 states have reached 15% distribution of at least one dose of vaccine. The national average rate is 13%.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Friday that 42 million Americans had been vaccinated with at least one dose, and 17 million have been completely vaccinated.

Another factor in each state's effectiveness is the percentage of doses that have been administered, and how much is still sitting on the shelf. Here's how some states fared:

Kentucky has received 998,000 doses and administered 779,000, for 78% used, and a rank of 34th.
Tennessee received 1.46 million doses, and administered 1.09 million, for 74% and a rank of 42nd. 
Illinois received 2.9 million doses, and administered 2.2 million, for 75% and a rank of 38th.

At the top of the list, North Dakota has used 95% of its doses received, New Mexico 94% and West Virginia 92%. The least is Alabama at 69%.  The national average is that 82% of a state's doses received so far have been administered.

The federal government has delivered 78 million doses of vaccine to the 50 states and other territories so far. 

The daily average of national vaccinations reached 1.7 million on Feb. 16, but slipped to 1.5 million in the past few days while many Midwestern and southern distribution centers had to close because of extreme cold and snow. That 7-day rolling average will probably continue to go down temporarily, even as affected states ramp back up this week.

Experts say that between 70 and 90 percent of the nation's population must be vaccinated to reach "herd immunity." At the pace so far, 50 percent would be reached in mid-July, 70 percent by late September, and 90 percent in early December.

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CDC vaccination data compiled by the New York Times

Published 08:25 PM, Saturday Feb. 20, 2021
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