White: Beshear Unfairly Targeting Small Businesses
By West Kentucky Star Staff
LYON COUNTY - On Friday, Lyon County Judge Executive Wade White joined the Greg Dunker Show to share his frustration with Governor Andy Beshear's latest restrictions on businesses.

White said he wants the businesses and those losing their jobs to know that he stands with them.

"It's going to be a difficult Christmas to send waiters and waitresses home without pay." White continued, "A lot of these businesses that had the legs knocked out from under them just a few months ago are just now starting to stand back up and now they've got this happening to them."

White says he doesn't know if the Governor has reached out to any local businesses to see how they're handling the pandemic, but said he thinks the local businesses are doing a fantastic job of trying to keep people safe.

He said, "I hate to see this be the go-to position when there are other ways to make sure that people are safe and still keep these people in business. Especially when we leave the doors of Wal-Mart and Dollar Store, all these other places where a lot of people gather, wide open."

He said that if there is going to be a lock down, it either needs to be fair with both large and small businesses being required to close, or they need to find an alternative to shutting them down.

"I'm talking about fairness here, with a group that's already been kicked down and is just now building back to where they can survive." White continued, "Not only is it survival of that small economy that a lot of our small towns have, but there's waitresses and waiters, what are they going to do for Christmas?"

White said not everybody wants to get a handout from the government, they want to work and be productive.

Published 07:00 PM, Friday Nov. 20, 2020
Updated 11:04 PM, Saturday Nov. 21, 2020



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