Western Kentucky Towns Make 'Most Dangerous' List
By West Kentucky Star Staff
WESTERN KENTUCKY - Western Kentucky cities make up half of the list of "most dangerous cities in Kentucky," as recently published by a website.

The site used data from the FBI's 2017 Crime In The United States Report, which averages violent crimes per capita and property crimes per capita for cities with more than 5,000 residents. Their analysis produced a "dangerous index," which the site used to create the top ten list. The website classifies their findings as "infotainment," and not scientifically valid.

According to the website, Oak Grove is the "most dangerous" city in the state. The Christian County city is next to Fort Campbell, and part of the Clarksville, Tennessee metropolitan area. 

Other western Kentucky cities on the top ten are Mayfield (2nd), Paducah (4th), Bowling Green (6th), and Owensboro (8th).

Roadsnack's ten cities that are currently the most dangerous in the Bluegrass State for 2019:

1. Oak Grove 
2. Mayfield 
3. Louisville 
4. Paducah 
5. Shively 
6. Bowling Green 
7. Winchester 
8. Owensboro 
9. Middlesboro
10. Lexington 

The website gives Oak Grove an index of 463 for violent crime, compared to the state average of 204. They say Mayfield has a violent crime index of 390, and Paducah 329. In this category, Oak Grove ranks 2nd in the state behind Louisville; Mayfield 5th and Paducah 10th.

In the category of robbery, Oak Grove's index is 204; Mayfield 110 and Paducah 95. The Kentucky average index is 98.

For property crimes, Oak Grove has an index of 5649; Paducah 5479, and Mayfield 5384. Kentucky's average is 2129. In this category, Oak Grove ranks third in the state; Paducah 4th and Mayfield 5th.

Louisville, which is Kentucky's largest city, had the following indices: violent crime 647; robbery 193; and property crimes 4122.

Click the links below to view the FBI report, and the rankings.

On the Net:

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Published 08:39 AM, Friday Jan. 11, 2019
Updated 01:49 PM, Friday Jan. 11, 2019

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