Murray Police Warn Residents of Scams
By West Kentucky Star Staff
MURRAY - The Murray Police Department has been getting more reports of scams lately, and advises local residents to be careful.

The Murray Police Department said scammers attempt to scare victims into providing information or make them believe they've won a prize and need to provide information to obtain the prize.

The department says you should never provide any personal information to someone you have not contacted.

A number of recent scams have been unemployment insurance fraud. In this scam, the perpetrator gathers an individual’s personal information, and uses it to file for unemployment insurance.

Another common type of scam this time of year is a tax scam where the perpetrator uses an individual’s personal information to file a false tax return and obtain a refund in that person’s name.  

More information about scams and ways to report being a victim of this type of scam can be found at the links below.

On the Net:

Kentucky Attorney General's Office Website
IRS Consumer Alerts

Published 10:58 AM, Friday Mar. 05, 2021
Updated 08:01 PM, Friday Mar. 05, 2021



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