McConnell Making Headway in Asian Carp War
By West Kentucky Star Staff
PADUCAH - Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell recently spoke with West Kentucky Star about Paducah's BUILD grant, and Western Kentucky's Asian Carp Problem.

McConnell shared his excitement towards helping Paducah obtain the $10.4 million BUILD grant from the Department of Transportation, saying, "We're hoping this will really help develop the waterfront project and include the City's transient boat dock." McConnell continued, "I've tried to direct funds to Paducah over the years, and I think this is a big win for the community and I'm happy to have been involved in it."

McConnell is set to visit Western Kentucky on Friday, where he is hoping to make some headway in the fight against Asian Carp in the state.

"We're going to watch them either install or take a look at the acoustic fish fence. It's designed to try to keep the carp from getting into the lake in the first place" said McConnell.

McConnell plans to visit the area again in coming months where officials will be looking into ways to capture the carp that are already in the lake. McConnell says he has put $25 million in this years appropriation bill to go towards battling the carp.

"We're going all out to win this war on Asian Carp." McConnell said, "it's adversely affecting tourism. We can't have that happen, it's too important to Western Kentucky."

You can learn more about the bio-acoustic fish fence at the link below.

On the Net:

Bio-Acoustic Fish Fence

Published 04:00 PM, Friday Nov. 08, 2019
Updated 08:07 AM, Saturday Nov. 09, 2019

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