Gas Prices Spike as Refineries Shut Down
By West Kentucky Star Staff
WESTERN KENTUCKY - The average price of gas in western Kentucky rose 12 cents in the last week to $2.45 per gallon, according to AAA. 

This week's gas prices are as high as they have been in about a year. The average prices increased by at least ten cents at two-thirds of the state's pumps. The average national price is now $2.63, the highest it's been since October 2019. 

The two major factors at play are rising crude oil prices and the forced shutdown of Gulf Coast and some Mid-West refineries due to last week's winter weather. Close to 40% of U.S. crude production is offline because of the refinery closures. 

Average prices of unleaded self-serve gasoline in western Kentucky range from $2.29 in Elizabethtown to $2.44 in Paducah to $2.66 in Louisville. 

Motorists can find current gas prices nationwide, statewide, and countywide at

Published 11:53 PM, Monday Feb. 22, 2021
Updated 09:25 PM, Monday Feb. 22, 2021



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