Finally, An 'Average' Week in a Cold November
By National Weather Service
PADUCAH - It's been a cold November so far in Paducah, but we'll finally see some "normal" temperatures return later this week.

So far at Barkley Field, there have been only two days in November when the day's high temperature met or exceeded the historic average for that date.

On November 4 the high climbed to 65 degrees, barely surpassing the average high of 64. On November 10 the high "soared" to 68 degrees in Paducah, on a day with an average high of 61.

But that warm spell was rudely interrupted by the Siberian cold front that brought us a high of only 25 two days later. November 12 set a record for Paducah's earliest day in 80 years when the temperature stayed below freezing.

Most daily highs in Paducah this month have averaged 5 to 10 degrees colder than usual.

As for this upcoming week, the historical average temperature is about 56 degrees. The National Weather Service forecast indicates that we should beat that average on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

But then it looks to be back on the colder side of things on Friday and Saturday, when temperatures are stuck in the 40s again, 5 to 10 degrees below average.

Looking ahead to Thanksgiving Day on November 28, Paducah's average high is 52, and the low is 33.

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Published 03:36 AM, Sunday Nov. 17, 2019
Updated 04:56 AM, Monday Nov. 18, 2019



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