Card 'Skimmer' Found on Marion Gas Pump
By West Kentucky Star Staff
MARION, IL - Authorities in Marion are advising anyone who purchased gas at a local station to monitor their accounts for potential fraud.

The Marion Police Department says officers were contacted Wednesday after someone at the Marion Moto Mart at 2604 W. Main Street in Marion discovered a gas pump skimmer inside one of their pumps.

Police say a skimmer can steal your credit card information and they cannot be seen from outside the pump. Anyone who recently bought gas at this station is advised to monitor their checking account and/or bank and credit card statements.  Anyone who notices any potential fraudulent activity is advised to contact the Marion Police Department at 618-993-2124. 

Published 08:25 PM, Wednesday Aug. 09, 2017
Updated 04:47 PM, Wednesday Aug. 09, 2017

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