Two Women Charged with Exploiting Family Member
By West Kentucky Star Staff
MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY - Two people have been arrested for allegedly exploiting an elderly woman.

According to the McCracken County Sheriff’s Department, deputies began an investigation involving an 88-year-old woman, and they learned that she had been financially exploited by her family.

Detectives learned that 70-year-old Barbara Joy Tabers and her granddaughter, 25-year-old Barbara Katie Tabers, both of Paducah, took $12,000 from the woman's account by forging the her name on multiple checks for purchases at Wal-Mart, including beer, cigarettes, clothing and other items.

According to police, Katie Tabers purchased a vehicle for $1,800 using the woman's debit card. She also allegedly purchased parts for the vehicle, paid her personal bills, made purchases on Amazon and made multiple cash withdrawals.

Police said the elderly woman has dementia and is unable to give consent regarding the use of her money. The Tabers were arrested and charged with knowingly exploiting an adult. They were taken to the McCracken County Regional Jail.

Published 06:31 PM, Tuesday Nov. 14, 2017
Updated 07:27 AM, Thursday Nov. 16, 2017

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