Missing Engagement Ring Found after Horrific Crash
By Donna Groves
PADUCAH, KY - When Robert Storrs and Jessica Caroe died in a horrific crash on their motorcycle last week on I-24 in Paducah just hours after getting engaged, their families wanted to make sure they spent eternity together. So they made plans to bury them together today in Florida.

But one thing was missing - the  diamond ring Robert had given Jessica the night before the fatal crash. Police had been unable to find it among the wreckage on the I-24 overpass at Cairo Road after a semi collided with their motorycle.

After the family contacted our reporters, McCracken County Sheriff Jon Hayden agreed to make one last-ditch attempt to scour the area with a metal detector Tuesday afternoon, but just before heading out with Chief Deputy Mike Turnbow, Hayden had a thought. He called Paducah Police Department, which had actually worked the crash, and asked them do a thorough check of the mangled motorcycle. Not long afterward, he got a call saying that the ring had been found.

"A miracle happened today," Hayden said, after getting the call. The ring had been found still in a box at the bottom of the motorcycle's saddle bag. "I suspect she intended to have it sized."

Hayden contacted Storrs' family to let them know the ring had been found and to find out how they wanted it to be sent, so that it would make it in time for the funeral.

Published 05:47 AM, Wednesday May. 30, 2012
Updated 10:04 PM, Sunday Jun. 10, 2012

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