Trial Postponed in Deadly Shovel Beating Case
By WestKyStar Staff
PADUCAH, KY - The trial of a Brookport man accused of beating an Ogden Landing Road woman to death with a shovel was postponed four months on Thursday so attorneys can prepare his defense.
Ronald Lynn faces possible execution if convicted of murder and robbery charges related to the Dec. 18 death of 66-year-old Teresa Bolden. His attorneys, James Gibson and Craig Newbern, argued a motion to continue the case, causing Judge Tim Kaltenbach to move the trial from Feb. 4 to June 10.
Gibson said that issues have come up with obtaining Lynn’s school records and other documents. He told the Paducah Sun that the death penalty as a sentencing option raises the stakes for a well-prepared defense.
Kaltenbach granted the motion in spite of an objection from the prosecution and continued the trial date.  Kaltenbach also addressed 10 points of a motion for exculpatory evidence.  The points covered requests for copies of Bolden’s criminal and medical records, documentation of police visits to her home in the year before her death, interviews with witnesses, and all pending criminal charges of witnesses.
Lynn’s defense attorneys also filed a motion to obtain additional DNA evidence from the crime lab. Kaltenbach scheduled a Dec. 17 hearing to address that motion.

Published 06:25 AM, Friday Nov. 30, 2012
Updated 07:09 PM, Saturday Dec. 01, 2012

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