Superintendent Screening Committee Being Formed
By Bill Hughes
PADUCAH - The McCracken County School District hopes to have a screening committee in place for a superintendent search before Spring Break.

Pete Galloway, a consultant for the Kentucky School Board Association, is likely to be hired by the school board at their Thursday meeting. He has already been informally guiding some district leaders as they prepare to choose representatives on the committee.

The KSBA is used by school districts all over the state during the search and hiring process.

Galloway shared information from KRS 160.352 that details how the committee is structured. It should have two certified teachers who are chosen by their peers; one board of education member appointed by the chairman; one principal elected by peers; one classified employee (non-teachers such as secretaries, cooks, custodians, maintenance or bus drivers) elected by peers; and one parent who will be elected by presidents of the parent-teacher organizations in the district. 

Parents have been notified in an email that they may nominate themselves or another parent by contacting the principal at their child's school before 3:00 pm on Monday, March 25.

Once the committee is formed, if none of the members are from a minority group, a representative must be elected by parents. McCracken County must adhere to this representation law since there is more than eight percent minority population in the school district.

Galloway said the committee must be in place within 30 days of when a vacancy is declared, and that was done on March 8 after the school board accepted Brian Harper's resignation. However, Spring Break is March 30 through April 7, so groups are working to choose representatives before next Friday, since many people will be gone and communication will be more difficult.

Prior to serving as KSBA consultant, Galloway was Superintendent of Graves County Schools. He has facilitated in superintendent searches and district facility plan updates for several western Kentucky districts. 

Galloway said the KSBA website will be used to accept applications for the job, and he will help the screening committee as they narrow their choices, but the committee can go beyond any KSBA recommendations and hire anyone they want. 

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Published 09:06 PM, Wednesday Mar. 20, 2019
Updated 10:38 PM, Thursday Mar. 21, 2019

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