Scouts Fly American Flags to Celebrate Labor Day
By WestKyStar Staff
PADUCAH - Troop 1 Boy Scouts, in uniform, placed over 350 American flags in lawns throughout the community Monday morning to celebrate Labor Day n Paducah. Troop 18 stepped up last July 4th to take over flag placements in the downtown area and out toward Reidland. Each troop has its own guidelines for flag placement, holidays observed, etc. 

"It's a very popular patriotic effort on the part of our scouts," says Brent Housman. "The number of those signing up for flag placement has doubled in past few years." Once placed, the scouts salute the flag and move on to the next designated location. It's all part of the troops' Holiday Flag Fundraiser. 

Housman is the current contact for Troop 1 and Darrin Miller is the contact for Troop 18, the popular patriotic fundraiser Troop 1 started over 10 years ago. The program requires lots of planning, mapping out and asigning who places which flags, placement of an in-ground reusable sleeve to hold the pole and then marking each location prior to placement. Grass often grows over the holes and makes it tricky to find between holidays. 

With respect for Old Glory, the scouts, under guidance from parents and scout masters, safely and securely store the flags, keep them in good shape, maintain poles and stay prepared for the next holiday. 

Troop 1 and Troop 18 Boy Scouts Holiday Flag Programs display a 3’x 5’ American flag on a 10’ pole. The flags are placed in subscribers' yards by a scout for some of the same holidays. The following holidays are the ones troop 1 includes in its flag placements:
February – President’s Da
May – Memorial Day
June – Flag Day
4th of July
September – Labor Day
September 11
November – Veterans Day

It's a great way to show your patriotism and fly the colors effortlessly all for just $50 for a one-year subscription.

For questions or to order your flag from Troop 1, contact Brent Housman by phone at 270-366-6611 or email at or Darrin Miller with Troop 18 by email: 

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Boy Scout Troop 1 Holiday Flag Fundraiser

Published 05:30 PM, Monday Sep. 03, 2018
Updated 03:44 PM, Wednesday Sep. 05, 2018

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