Paxton Challenge for Charities Raises Record $618K
By Tim Brockwell
PADUCAH - A local charity has raised more than $600,000 for area non-profit organizations.

Folks gathered Thursday at Walker Hall to celebrate the 2018 Fred Paxton Challenge that raised $618,210, a record amount for the event. A total of 22 non-profit organizations raised money for charity over the past 90 days, with up to a $10,000 match coming from the Paxton Foundation. This is the 17th year the foundation has been holding the fundraising event, which has raised nearly $5 million since it started in 2000.

Tony Watkins with the Community Foundation of West Kentucky says the event has been so successful in part because it brings organizations together and helps them maximize their fundraising potential.

"I think there's strength in networking the non-profits together. I think it's a healthy exercise. It's a natural process for helping things to grow. If we come together, and are moving forward, that's good for the community." Watkins said.

The Paxton Challenge began as the kickoff event for the Paducah Summer Festival. Originally, the main event was the annual Fund Run, but Watkins said organizers decided to change things up last year and end things with a huge celebration instead to thank all of the organizations who raised money. He said that although the event has changed a bit over the years, its core purpose of bringing people together to do good has not.

"I've found out over the years people will give when they're asked, and they're asked in the right way. But also, they'd like to see their gift multiplied," He said. "When you say I can get two or three times the benefit of my dollar that I give, they like that."

Visit the link below to learn more about the Community Foundation of West Kentucky and the Fred Paxton Challenge.

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Published 10:47 AM, Friday Sep. 07, 2018
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