Paducah Man Arrested for Groping Teen
By WestKyStar Staff
PADUCAH, KY - A Paducah man faces sexual abuse and other charges, after police say he stalked and groped a local teen.

According to the McCracken County Sheriff's Department, at around 5:00 pm Thursday a 17-year-old girl was shopping at the southside Paducah Wal-Mart. The victim told police she was approached by a 5’6” heavy set Hispanic man who attempted to have a casual conversation with her. She then continued her shopping and checked out, leaving the store about an hour later.

While driving home, she became suspicious of a vehicle that seemed to be following her. After driving about seven miles, the vehicle pulled in behind her in a driveway in the 900 block of Starrhill Road. At first, the victim believed the vehicle belonged to a friend, until she saw the same Hispanic male that she had encountered in Wal-Mart standing beside her vehicle.

The victim's window was down and the suspect reportedly leaned into her car attempting to kiss her. While the victim was attempting to get away, the suspect attempted to grab her phone out of her hand. The suspect then grabbed her in her private area and she then began honking the horn to try to alert neighbors or scare the suspect away. The suspect was scared away, and a neighbor looked out to investigate the disturbance. The neighbor saw a white SUV fleeing the area.

Detectives later went to Wal-Mart to review camera footage, and saw the man making contact with the victim inside the store, and following her to the checkout register. When the victim left the store and went to her vehicle, the suspect followed behind and waited in his vehicle until she drove off. Cameras revealed that the suspect was driving a white SUV.

Just before midnight on Thursday, police found what they believed to be the suspect's vehicle at lot 50 of the Country Aire Mobile Home Park. They then found 25-year-old Gersain Martinez, who fit the description of the suspect. Martinez was then taken to the sheriff’s department for questioning.

During questioning, Martinez reportedly confessed to detectives that he had encountered the victim inside of Wal-Mart and said she was someone that he was interested in becoming friends with. Martinez also admitted to following the victim to the driveway on Starrhill Road and touching her in an inappropriate manner without her consent.

Martinez was arrested and booked into the McCracken County Regional Jail on charges of Stalking 2nd degree, Sexual Abuse 3rd degree, and Operating A Motor Vehicle Without A License.

Published 01:11 PM, Thursday Dec. 19, 2013
Updated 12:05 PM, Monday Dec. 23, 2013

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