Paducah Home Condemned after Dozens of Cats Found
By Tim Brockwell
PADUCAH, KY - Authorities have condemned a Paducah home after more than 30 cats were found living there.

On Thursday, Paducah Police and McCracken County Animal Control served a search warrant at a home on Whitney Drive, after getting a tip about dozens of animals living in terrible conditions at the home.

Animal control officer Kathy Coleman said once officers were inside, they found conditions were so bad that authorities decided to condemn the structure. "Conditions inside the home are bad," Coleman said. "The city fire prevention department came while we were here and they did condemn the house. They have shut off the electricity."

Coleman said officers were able to capture 14 of the cats Thursday. She said some of the cats found at the home appear to be in good health, but several have what she says are obvious problems.

"Some of the cats are fit, but multiple cats have respiratory problems," Coleman said. "Some have what appear to be eye infections, and there are some with wounds. They are being taken to the McCracken County Animal Shelter where they are being cleaned up. They will be evaluated by a veterinarian, and at that time we may need help with fosters."

Coleman said officers came back Friday and set traps for the remaining cats, and have captured four more.

The investigation is ongoing, and Coleman said charges will likely be filed against the resident.

Published 02:58 PM, Friday May. 29, 2015
Updated 06:28 AM, Sunday May. 31, 2015

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