Motion Asks for Probation, Not Jail for Bock
By West Kentucky Star Staff
PADUCAH - The attorney representing former McCracken County Property Valuation Administrator Nancy Bock has filed a motion asking for her to receive probation or alternate sentencing.

Bock pleaded guilty in April to seven counts of forgery and one count of theft, and resigned her office last September, just before she was indicted. The charges stem from forged travel vouchers and use of a state credit card for personal purchases. 

Emily Roark of Bryant Law Center filed the motion last Wednesday in Circuit Court, saying that Bock has paid full restitution of $5,174.49 to the PVA office, and accepts full responsibility for her actions. 

An attached letter from Bock says, "I know that I made mistakes that I have to live with the rest of my life....My reputation in our community is gone....I misused the citizens trust in me and my power."

She asked for the court's leniency, saying that she has already spoken to several youth leaders and asked for permission to tell her story. She plans to tell how a mistake or crime can take away everything you have in a moment, and that no one is above the law.

The motion includes letters from several other elected officials from the area who asked for a favorable ruling, and also mentioned that Bock has no previous criminal record. 

A ruling on the motion should take place at Bock's sentencing, which is scheduled for July 29.

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Published 05:20 PM, Tuesday Jul. 23, 2019
Updated 10:25 PM, Wednesday Jul. 24, 2019

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