McCracken Waives Some 2020 Liquor License Fees
By West Kentucky Star Staff
MCCRACKEN COUNTY - On Monday, the McCracken County Fiscal Court moved forward with an ordinance to refund some alcoholic beverage license renewal fees.

McCracken County officials approved a one-time refund of the 2020 county imposed alcoholic beverage license renewal fees in an effort to mitigate some of the negative economic impact the mandatory COVID-19 closures have had on the community.

The ordinance will cover the following license types:

1. Quota Retail Liquor Drink License;
2. Non-Quota Type 2 Retail Drink License (NQ-2);
3. Non-Quota Type 3 Retail Drink License (NQ-3);
4. Non-Quota Type 4 Malt Beverage Retail Drink License (NQ-4);
5. Special Sunday Retail Drink License;
6. Limited Restaurant License (LR-50 and LR-100); and
7. Limited Golf Course License.

Commissioner Eddie Jones shared his support for the measure at the February 8 Fiscal Court meeting.

 "I believe these entities paid money for a license or a right to do a certain activity, and somewhere along the way some form of government said no, you can't do that." Jones continued, "So I think they actually paid for a right that they were later told they didn't have and it seems just to refund the fee that they paid for the right they ended up not having."

The measure passed unanimously.

You can see the full meeting below.


Published 06:40 PM, Monday Feb. 22, 2021
Updated 06:51 PM, Monday Feb. 22, 2021



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