McCracken Vote Totals: Harless Out of Mayor's Race
By West Kentucky Star Staff
PADUCAH - The McCracken County Clerk's office has released the results of the June 23 primary election, and Paducah's mayor will not be on the November ballot for re-election.

Totals from Clerk Julie Griggs show George Bray getting 2,992 votes for 46.58 percent, Richard Abraham receiving 1,851 for 28.81 percent, and Brandi Harless got 1,581 votes for 24.61 percent. This means Bray and Abraham will be on the November general election ballot.

Shortly after the results were announced, Harless released the following statement on her Facebook page:

I ran for office to make the changes my community asked for.
I am beyond proud of the work we accomplished.
I didn’t run to start a career in politics.
I ran because I wanted to serve. And that’s what I did and will continue to do no matter what.
Thank you for all of the support. I’ll keep serving proudly until December and in new roles after that.

In the city commission race, the top eight candidates will be on the November ballot. Since two people dropped out of the race before June 23 (Shannon Wathen and incumbent Gerald Watkins), only one person will not advance to the general election: John "Buzz" Vontezmar.

Raynarldo Henderson 2,854 for 14.41 percent; Sandra Wilson (incumbent) 2,590 for 13.08 percent; Melinda Winchester 2,292 for 11.57 percent; Carol Gault 2,269 for 11.46 percent; David Guess 2,021 for 10.20 percent; Lakilia Bedeau 1,761 for 8.89 percent; Robert Shy 1,453 for 7.34 percent; Mike Reed 987 for 4.98 percent; John Vontezmar 949 for 4.79 percent.

In the race for 1st District State Representative, Steven Jack Rudy received 1,824 for 86.32 percent; Carroll Hubbard 289 for 13.68 percent.

In the race for 6th District State Representative, Linda Story Edwards received 147 for 55.47 percent; Al Cunningham received 118 for 44.53 percent.

For the 1st District Court of Appeals race, Chris McNeill received 7,046 for 50.63 percent; Jenny Hines received 4,398 for 31.60 percent; C. Rene Williams received 956 for 6.87 percent.

Published 04:12 PM, Monday Jun. 29, 2020
Updated 06:58 PM, Tuesday Jun. 30, 2020



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