Local Church Makes International News Over Guns
By Matt McClain
PADUCAH, KY - It's creating quite the controversy between Christians and non-Christians alike; going to church to win a gun.  Lone Oak First Baptist Church is holding a 2nd Amendment Celebration Dinner, and they're expecting at least 1,000 people at Thursday evening's event. 


But it's not the food that's got some people upset.  The church, in conjunction with the Kentucky Baptist Convention, will give away over two dozen guns during the dinner.  That has some Christians thinking it's a great idea, and others saying it's a horrible idea. The Executive Director of the Kentucky Council of Churches, Nancy Kemper, told MSNBC, "Most churches would be appalled. It is an appalling form of outreach of evangelicalism that is an offense to the Gospel of Jesus."

Pastor Howard Fuller with Lone Oak First Baptist also told MSNBC, "The purpose for any kind of door prize – whether it be a toaster or a pretty dress from Macy’s – is to attract people and get a good crowd there. We’re doing everything by the law. There will not be any guns given out at the event."  Fuller went on to say, "The focus is really trying to help people understand that Jesus really can make a difference in their lives."

The Kentucky Baptist Convention says they've led nearly 1,700 men to Christ during events like this across the Commonwealth. The event has also drawn international attention.  The church has become a news headline in Australia, Russia, and England, as well as across the U.S. 

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Published 09:02 AM, Thursday Mar. 06, 2014
Updated 02:57 PM, Thursday Mar. 06, 2014

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