League of Cities Gives Top Score to Police Dept.
By West Kentucky Star Staff
PADUCAH - The Paducah Police Department was recently reviewed by the Kentucky League of Cities, and has received a perfect score of 100.

The department received the score last week from KLC Insurance Services, and was one of only 15 agencies with a perfect score on their safety and liability review.

A reviewer visited the department and looked at dozens of criteria, from accreditation to standardized purchase of duty weapons and facility security to training standards.

The review concludes, "Paducah PD is an excellent agency with 72 officers. The agency is KACP Accredited with Chief Barnhill also serving as President. Paducah has maintained a perfect review since 2010 with various consultants conducting the reviews."  (Note: KACP is the Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police)

You can see the complete review by clicking the link below.

On the Net:

KLCIS Review of PPD July 2018

Published 05:26 PM, Tuesday Jul. 10, 2018
Updated 08:34 AM, Wednesday Jul. 11, 2018

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