Kincaid Mounds Group Presents Rare Book to Artist
By WestKyStar Staff
PADUCAH - The Kincaid Mounds Support Organization presented a copy of the book “Kincaid a Prehistoric Illinois Metropolis" to artist Herb Roe in front of the Kincaid flood wall mural in downtown Paducah Thursday.

The gift was given in appreciation for his research and artistic contributions in conjunction with the group's efforts. 

Roe, headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana, was commissioned to create a new illustration for a interpretive panel at the site. Kincaid Mounds is a prehistoric Mississippian site located in Massac County across the river from downtown Paducah.

The Fay-Cooper Cole book presented to Roe was published in 1951 and is an account of the 1938-1941 University of Chicago excavations of Kincaid. One can occasionally find them on Amazon or rare book outlets, but they are increasingly hard to find. The book was most appreciated by Roe. 

"I was surprised by the rare copy of a book that I have used as a reference when painting," said Roe. "I've enjoyed working with the group as we share many of the same interests in recording and researching the Kincaid Mounds. This was a thoughtful and appreciated gift."

Published 07:00 PM, Thursday Jul. 11, 2019
Updated 07:33 AM, Friday Jul. 12, 2019

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