Jackson Street Grocery Changing Name, Prices
By Bill Hughes
PADUCAH, KY - A landmark business in Paducah is changing its name and philosphy.

The Banks family has operated Wonder Market and SuperValu Foods in Paducah for years, and that is not changing, but the third generation of ownership is changing the way their Jackson Street location operates.

H. Burton Banks passed away suddenly in Nov. 2010, and his sons, H.B. Banks III and James Banks have announced that the store will close on Monday, but will re-open Friday, May 25 at 7:00 am, under a new name - Cash Saver Cost Plus Food Outlet.

The store will still sell national brands, quality produce and choice meats, and offer large variety and full-service to its customers, but there will be a new price on the shelf: the actual cost of getting the product from the supplier to the shopper. They will see this figure, knowing that when they get to the checkout counter, they will pay just 10 percent above their total.

H.B. Banks III says it's a new way to serve the community, and an attempt to regain some customers that may have gone elsewhere for deeper discounts. "It's kinda been a depressed time, and we're just trying to give back to the people, and give them a better cost."

He adds, "Compared to some other stores in town, you're gonna save up to 40 percent or more on your groceries."

James Banks says there's no membership fee, no special cards to carry in your pocket, or strings attached. This is simply the easiest way to welcome customers and be honest about pricing.

For now, the store will still place flyers in newspapers for shoppers, but if that makes their bottom-line cost increase, they may stop, so customers continue to get the lowest possible price.

There are no changes planned for the Lone Oak location of SuperValu Foods.

Published 10:00 PM, Sunday May. 20, 2012
Updated 11:38 AM, Friday May. 25, 2012

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