First Reading of Transient Room Tax Passes
By Easton Sanders
MCCRACKEN COUNTY - At the McCracken County Fiscal Court meeting Monday, the commission passed the first reading of several ordinances to move forward with a new transient room tax and formation of a sports commission.

The first ordinance would repeal a previous ordinance, number 2000-16, which set the original transient room tax levy, collection, and enforcement procedures. The new ordinance updates the collection, disbursement, and enforcement provisions, and provides greater detail to give a clear understanding to those affected.

The updated ordinance also lumps internet room providers such as Airbnb into those being taxed.

The second ordinance allows the county and city to both provide their own tourist commissions, and withdraws the county from the current Convention & Visitors Bureau, paving the way for the county to create its own sports tourism commission.

The third would approve the inter-local agreement between the city of Paducah and the county, as well as the CVB, the convention center, and the new McCracken County Sports Tourism Commission.

The move will allow both the city and county to collect their own taxes. The county will still need to review and pass a second reading on the ordinances before they can go into affect.

"It's extremely important that this community recognizes that this is a cooperative endeavor with the city," said Judge Executive Craig Clymer. "It's a strong move and it's going to be very effective, it's going to move this county and city both forward in a strong way I think."

The Paducah City Commission has yet to reach an agreement, but their discussion will be held at Tuesday's meeting.

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Published 10:00 AM, Tuesday Aug. 13, 2019
Updated 05:48 AM, Wednesday Aug. 14, 2019

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